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- Boo Fairy (pending since June 20, 2019)
bts-ineedujimin12, bts-ineedujimin13, bts-ineedujimin15, bts-ineedujimin18, bts-ineedujimin19

- Boo Fairy (pending since June 29, 2019)
bts-ineedujimin20, bts-dopev01, bts-dopev02, bts-dopev04, bts-dopev06

- Boo Fairy (pending since July 05, 2019)
bts-dopev11, bts-dopev12, bts-dopev13, bts-dopev14, bts-dopev15

- Mio (pending since July 05, 2019)

- mimi (pending since July 11, 2019)

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